Monday, September 20, 2010

2nd Term Meeting of 2010-2011: Keep Moving, Expressing and Inspiring -27-07-2010

Another inspiring night for our KKTMC members and guests. This night, our room filled with members and guests!!

The seconds when our table topics master Brainy TM Bernie Chan, TTM shoots up her 8 table topics with 9 respondents! The room atmosphere already filled with laughters especially when ACS Sylvia Maten describe her dream wedding. Our CC Sivakumar Kumaresan shares his perfect dream honeymoon will be at Nepal or Tibet.  DTM Abu Bakar Sherif creatively answered what would he do if he met Elvis Presley. Then,and a little debate when TM Christopher Shaw commented Malaysian Women are choosy while ACB, CL Jasmine Leong quickly defend Chris’ statements. ACB, CL Jasmine Leong commented that modern women are not choosy but having the equal freedom and opportunity like men. The table topic ends with “Silence is Golden” and responded by TM Karis Chong.

Without any heebie jeebies, our july babies are celebrating their birthday tonight. All of our July Babies are ; 

July Birthday Babies

  • T.C Lim (4th July)
  • Leung Seh Aun (4th July)
  • Abu Bakar Sheriff (5th July) 
  • John Liew (8th July) 
  • SS Anand (14th July)  
  • Christopher Shaw (19th July)
"Happy Birthday Gentlemen! Many Happy Returns!" 

We have inspiring five speakers.

We have two ice-breakers , TM Clive Chai and TM Jackie Miao. Both of them introduced themselves and coincidentally they are in love with Sabah, this beautiful island.  

TM Clive Chai - "First Time"
TM Clive Chai is a Sarawakian and venturing his business in Sabah.  From a hustle bustle capital city of Malaysia, Clive got a few cultural shocks when he first move into Kota Kinabalu. Gradually, he started to love Sabah where he can enjoy happy hour early than his KL's friend.

TM Jackie Miao- CC1 “Just Go” evaluated by DTM Yee That Hian

TM Jackie Miao is an avid travellers. She has been travelling around the world from Madrid to Venice until Niagara Falls. She loves to see diverse cultures, people and languages through travelling.  With a small town girl of Kota Kinabalu, she never lose any opportunity to travel. She still have a lots of places to travel like Bali, Prague or even Seoul. She left us a magic quotes by quote by St. Augustine. He said, “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” 

TM Lily Chin - CC4 "What you do not know matters"  evaluated by DTM TC Lim

TM Lily Chin shared her 16 years of teaching experience at KCC Sandakan. She learnt that teaching students is not all tThe matters of knowledge but the true gems of life lesson is how she learnt by unexpected outcome after teaching students with heart and souls.
TM Sophia Hong - CC6 " Perfectionist" evalutated by CC Melissa Betsy Jilimin

TM Sophia Hong shared her story how she was a perfectionist and lead to procrastinated due to afraid to fail. By using Helen Keller's quote " Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect. It means you have decided to see beyond imperfections!". Thrashing perfectionist and start small things at a time is a great way to start her new life. 

TM Mohd. Hanif - CC3 " Life" - evaluated by ATM-S Sylvia Maten 

Mohd. Hanif who is a creative writers are written a lot of beautiful phrase and words through his speech. 

Obligatory Group Pictures

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