Friday, March 15, 2013

17th Meeting 2012-2013 (12th March 2013)

Dear Toastmasters and Friends, 

Hello again from your President! With the flash of light, we're already nearing the end of the week! Hope yours was productive thus far? 

After every meeting, I try my best to write a recap, so for those who were there, can re-live our journey and perhaps cast a smile on your memory; as for everyone else who couldn't make it, hope this little recap bridge a connection and keeps you updated. :) 

In the short span of our last meeting, we have learned...:
1. That our Emylia was an athletic and competitive girl, who was a freelance model and now a teacher! (Emylia Philip, CC1 "The Day I was Born")
2. That Dean has found the Elixir of Immortality..... WATER! (CC3 "Elixir of Life")
3. That daring to be wrong & curious is a journey to redefining ourselves (Vijay Panickar, CC5 "Recreate Yourself")
4. That a doctor's life may not be as glamorous as it seems (Raoul Yong, CC6 "Underneath the White Coat")
5. That adding some Green (vegetables), Yellow (banana), Red (tomatoes) colors to our diet is healthier that the shades of Brown - fried chicken, buns, fries (Eilvane Chieng, CC8 "You are what You Eat")

All the speakers have of course, did a commendable job! I'd have gladly expound on what they have spoken, but what I really want to share with you this time is a reflection of how I was inspired and touched by the thoughts and actions from the members of our club. 

First, I thought it was really sweet of Amanda Chung to have brought us a chocolate cake made by her students, and shared it with us, also so she can celebrate her upcoming birthday with her Toastmasters Family!! She could have shared this with anyone else but she chose to share it with us! And whenever this comes to mind, I am truly moved by her simple gesture. :) Ooh! Not to mention, she was the Table Topics Evaluator to our seasoned "uncle" Yee That Hian!! It's definitely not an easy task, but I think she passed with flying colors!  

I was also inspired by a very new member Rogers Tiam Sinusun. He was our first timer Invocator and gave us "Positive Thinking Brings Positive Attitude"! And positive attitude was what he possesses! For when we were having our after meeting "yamcha" session, I found out that his job requires him to travel out of town, a lot! So he actually put his foot down and made a pact with his boss, every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, it's his Toastmasters Day!! Thumbs up to Rogers for he didn't have time for Toastmasters, he MADE TIME for Toastmasters!! 

The words from our District Governor Richard Gontusan resonates in my head "The best people you'll ever meet, are the people you meet in Toastmasters". KKTMC boasts of colorful people with many different things to offer, and I'm truly thankful to everyone for making it such a pleasurable journey for me with Toastmasters! 

With that, I look forward to seeing everyone again soon to yet another fruitful journey with Toastmasters!


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