Sunday, March 31, 2013

18th Meeting (26th March 2013)

Hello again everyone! Hope you've had a blessed Good Friday, and looking forward to a rejuvenating weekend! :) 

Initially, I thought writing this write up was probably going to be hard because, prior to me leaving Celyn Hotel the other day, I realized all my hand-scribbled notes were GONE!! But as I recap the awesomeness of our last meeting, it was still clear in my head and suddenly, words were coming back to me! :)

Chartered Themed Meeting has always been a dear occasion to the hearts of KKTMC members. For this was the month in 1990, when a group of visionary professionals who ignited the torch of KKTMC, 23 years ago! So when we gather our senior Toastmasters back in our midst, it's just mind-blowing! 

Here are just some of the highlights of the evening:

Our TME Abu Bakar Sheriff, DTM took the extra mile and got KKTMC a lip-smacking cheese cake for KKTMC's 23rd Anniversary! I especially liked how he had prepared a few ordinary things like a toothpick, a rubber band, eraser... and with that incorporate a life lesson to them. One that really stuck was when he showed us a rubber band and told us to be flexible in life! :) 

Our first timer Table Topics Master, Paul Chen, CTM, made the session a little different by putting up a slide with D.A.R.H tips to help members in their attempts at his questions! Well done Paul! :) 

We had 5 speakers and they all did commendably! Here's a glimpse of their speeches:

Janice Tan (CC2 "After 12") shared the many importance of sleeping at least 8 hours a day, while Eilvane Chieng (CC9 "Get Moving") persuaded us to get up and start exercising! 

Jasmine Leong, ACS, ALS (ACG9 "Beethoven") brought the famous Beethoven and his music back to life with his story! Fia Iskandar, CC (ACB5 "Presenting an Award") presented an to her hero and her most respected person of all - her Father, and Nora Ridzwan, CC, ALB (ACB9 "A Walk to Remember") captivated us with her as she read to us a chapter from the famous story of Nicholas Sparks! 

As I mentioned earlier, we had the privilege of having some of our seniors back with us this meeting! So we decided that we should hear from them! We had not just one, or two, but we had 4 enthusiastic senior members who shared with us their nostalgic memories with the club and with their words of affirmation, encouraged us to push on in our journey with Toastmasters! Thank you Datuk Casey & Datuk Adeline Leong, Uncle Iskandar Ahmad and Uncle Christopher Liew

With that my friends, I hope you've loved your journey with Toastmasters and I look forward to seeing you again at our next meeting  on 9th April!

Yours in Toastmasters,

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