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7th Meeting for the term 2013-2014 'From The Heart' (08.10.13)

Fellow Toastmasters, Family, & Friends, 

Was our 7th Meeting of the Term a 'sanguine' meeting or what?

Lead by our charming TME the graceful, poised, successful, and exemplary mentor Nora Ridzwan, ACB, ALB (not Nora Liew ok) and her Team of role players, I definitely had a good time at the meeting.

To all the members and guests, thank you for coming to the meeting and sharing the good time with us. Your presence mean a lot to us, and we look forward to seeing more and more of you. :)

Special thanks to our members, Abu Bakar Sheriff, DTM, Jasmine Leong, DTM and TM Dean Yee for inviting your guests along to share the evening with us. The number makes it fun-ner. As they say, the more the merrier... :)

The speakers and role players combined together, made that meeting Another Night of Inspiration . At the end of the meeting, 5IVE new members signed up to join the club! And they have already written down their names to play a role / present their CC1 next meeting. 

We had a recap of our Club Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests, and we re-presented our Club Champion Khairul Azfar Kamaruzaman with the Area K1 Champion Trophy

The Table Topics Session was conducted by another Champion, our Double Champion, VPPR Aaron Subash George. Also the President of SBO Toastmasters Club, he made us proud by winning Gold Trophies for both contests in Area K4. He will be going forth in the Division contest on the 26th October 2013.  All the best Aaron. I'll be in the audience shouting, " That's My Friend".

TM Janice Tan is another member on her fast track. Determined to complete her CC before she leaves for her next posting. In her CC8 she shared with us on how fruits and vegetables, physically, resemble the major organs in our body, and how these plant food can strengthen our vital organs. For one, a cut section view of a tomato looks like our heart. Thus, eating tomatoes can promise more pictures of us with our grandchildren. Thanks TM Janice for the very futuristic yet realistic reminder. I'll take more tomatoes from now on... 

Nora Liew, CC.... With her roast on me...... You definitely touched my heart my dear.... A friend like you is hard to find. Yes, I am highly dependent of your hands, especially before my welcoming address every single meeting. Emm..... You kind of forgot to mention how you depend on my hands, too.. To a point where at one time, you were so nervous for that one speech and you bit my hand remember?Anyway.. Thank you for that very personal, heartfelt speech from the heart.  I'll treat you to teh tarik soon :))

We also witnessed the graduation speech by our Champion Khairul Azfar, and did he deliver an inspiring speech! To me, he is an inspiration himself. As he made his mind to the unexpected, "Weyh Fia, I'll credit the CC to your term", and he did it well. There you go Azfar, I am proud to call you Competent Communicator Khairul Azfar Kamaruzaman

The meeting closed with the General Evaluation by our Superwoman Jasmine Leong, DTM. Always giving comprehensive evaluations. Thank you Jas, keep up giving good examples to us the newer members.

The results for the votes are as follows:
Best Table Topics Speaker: Khairul Azfar Kamaruzaman, CC

Best Manual Speaker: Khairul Azfar Kamaruzaman, CC (again)

Is it me, or is this meeting too biased towards Azfar? Well, you made the votes! :) Anyway, sadly speaking, this meeting will be his last meeting as he will be leaving us to head to Brisbane, Australia to pursue his PhD in Biotechnology, majoring in Drug Design. All the best Azfar, see you in the future :)

Attached are some photos taken at the meeting for your viewing :)


Our next meeting will be as follows:

8th Meeting of the Term
Theme: 'Halloween ' 
Date: 22nd October 2013 (Tuesday)
Time: 7.30 pm
Venue: Celyn Hotel, City Mall

Leading us will be Nantha Kumar, CC. Let's see what he's got up his sleeves this time.... 

Till then, thank you for Loving the Journey, From the Heart. :)

...from the heart

Fia binti Iskandar
President 2013-2014
Kota Kinabalu Toastmasters Club

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