Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Deepavali Themed Club Meeting

Once a term, the club will conduct a Deepavali Themed Meeting, while the men come in their Deepavali-inspired shirt and thrown in an interesting scarf or turban, the ladies, always the more interesting species when it comes to dressing up in styles, will come in their Saris or Punjabi wear.

Toastmaster Vijay Panickar was the TME for this term's Deepavali Themed Meeting. He started off the meeting getting members to dance to an Indian beat, assisted by ATMG Kamal Surin. The meeting proceeds and role players were introduced. Melissa Betsy, then, led the table topic sessions, shooting 9 questions of various topics, from the meaning of Deepavali to cleanliness of public toilet.

After the break, we had four speakers, all embarking on their competent communicator's manual; TM Nantha, TM Raymond, TM Fia and TM Nora Liew. Each of them gave a commendable speech and all of them achieved their speech objectives earning them one step closer to the title Competent Communicator.

Other role players

The best dressed award for male and female went to ATMG Kamal Surin and CC Joanna Liew, respectively. Again, the meeting ended in high spirit, members and guest had yet another fun and inspiring meeting. Cheers to many more fun and inspiring meeting ahead!

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