Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12th Meeting 2012-2013-Christmas Themed (18 Dec 2012)

Dear Fellow Toastmasters & Friends, 

"We wish you a Merry Christmas..... We wish you a Merry Christmas.... and a Happy New Year....!!"

... And Ladies and Gentlemen, was how our TME Santa Rina - Eilvane Chieng started the evening with her guitar and outstanding singing skills, and got everyone belting to the well known Christmas Carol, immediately warming up the room and got everyone geared up for what became a zestful Christmas Joint Meeting between KKTMC and KK Advanced TM Club!

Our young and enthusiastic Table Topics Master then challenged our impromptu speaking skills as she fielded her questions laced with Christmas theme related, life questions and also something fun when she got her respondents to pick out a "gift" and tell us who they'd like to give it to and why. Oh boy, that really shook our bellies with laughters as we observed the respondents trying to talk their way around it! :) While many fear Table Topics, in Toastmasters, we learn how to tackle it with grace. Also, kudos to first timer Table Topics Evaluator TM Raoul Yong who did a good job pointing out the many positive strengths of the Table Topics Master
and respondents! :)

Before everyone went for tea-break, VPM brought out not one but two cakes in celebration of December birthday babies and also for Christmas Celebration!! So we who loved singing sang a hearty Birthday song and Christmas Song again before cutting the cakes. 

As tummies were filled, we were all ready with the 2nd half of the meeting where 4 brave speakers attempted on their project speeches. TM Kaori Kawamoto shared with us the holidays celebrated in Japan, and apparently Christmas is a very romantic festival almost like Valentines; or the Obon Festival that takes place in Summer, with weather so HOT they had to tell horror stories.... to get chilled! :D While many have heard that KK Advanced Club member are evaluated by 3 different evaluators, not many have truly seen them in action! TM Kaori was evaluated by KK Advanced President, Margaret Sunam and with her 2 other co-evaluators, they have truly opened our eyes to KK Advanced's Style of Evaluation!

Next we had our full-time mother, TM Intan Salwana who then took us on an interesting history lesson of King Henry's 6 wives, but with a message that to all - Never underestimate the power of women! For it was King Henry's daughters that ruled the lands. Our darling VPE Fia Iskandar, CC, roasted our beloved anchor member of KKTMC "Uncle Yee", as she shared with us little details about this witty uncle, and made us gasp when she told us that our calm, poised and gentle looking Uncle Yee is silently a Tai Chi Master, almost like Jackie Chan!! Finally, Nora, oh Nora with her re-enactment of Maria from the Sound of Music in her Monodrama. Nora Ridzwan, CC never fails to entrance and enchants us as can take on a character and let it radiates through her words and expressions! Well done Nora! 

To encourage members for speaking and also award them for dressing up, here are the award recipients: 
Best Speaker Award: TM Intan Salwana
Best Dressed Male: TM Raoul Yong
Best Dressed Female: TM Eilvane Chieng
All in all, we definitely had a GREAT meeting! Enthusiasm level was high and there were good fellowship among everyone, all because of Toastmasters!! Not to mention all the big smiles we saw when everyone got a gift from mysterious person! :) 

Finally, A big THANK YOU! to every single role players who played their part and made this meeting a success! Every effort counts and yours was valuable! :) Also, a special thanks to our District Governor, DTM Richard A. Gontusan, Area Governor, Joanna Liew, ACB, thank you for your presence and taking up a role during the meeting. And of course, KK Advanced President, Margaret Sunam, ACB, and all KK Advanced members. Thank you for agreeing to this joint meeting! 

What a way indeed to close the chapter for 2012 and look forward to 2013!! 

Till then, see you all next year for our first meeting in 2013 - 8 Jan 2013, same time (7.30pm), same place (Celyn Hotel, Citymall)


Yours in Toastmasters,
Here are some of the candid photos that can only be seen in this very BLOG! We reveal some of the gifts that our members and guest received during the gift exchange session and I personally adored the hairy gift that Darvis draw! Amir received a classic square box present which contained ARTHUR CHRISTMAS! (Hint hint for a Christmas movie gathering perhaps?) Rachel hit the jackpot by receiving a ginger Christmas hand cream ( girls will never get enough of hand cream!) and Fia received a handy and chic Iphone Case!!


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