Sunday, December 9, 2012

10th Meeting 2012-2013 (27th November 2012)

During 27th November 2012, we have held our 10th meeting of the term 2012-2013 and the mood of the day was set right by CC Raymond Wong when he decided to break the ice by introducing a fascinating word "GHOTI" to the audience. Do not be fooled by the spelling of the word as there is more that meets the eye, this 5 letter word is pronounced as:

  • the gh = f as in rouGH
  • the o = i as in wOmen
  • the ti = sh as in naTIon
Yes, it is pronounced as "fish". Raymond really know how to  trigger our senses and made our brain squeeze some juice out of our thick skull. Then, our cute and cuddly Darvis Chong was the star of the evening as compliment by our DTM Yee. He has managed to speed up the momentum  and we were truly warmed up by his warm up session when we were instructed to link the sentence up by each and everyone in the audience!

If that is not interesting enough, the fearful table topic session was conducted by our AaronSubasheGeorge, which he improvise and innovated it up by asking everyone to write down a classic dirty little secret and put it into a box where the volunteers all have to choose from the box  one of the paper notes we put in, read the dirty secret out and guess who it is. The tricky part is justify why they think that it was that person that wrote it. It was superb fun and fresh!

Our brave speakers for that evening are one step closer to achieving their goals and also succeed in becoming a better speaker then they were yesterday, bravo and I really hope to see more and more senior and new members take up the role to give a speech in the future.
Sequence of speakers:
  1. Jamie Chieng
  2. Raoul Yong 
  3. Sylvia Maten
  4. Intan Anis

All of us especially me had a lot of fun, thanks to Darvis and his dedicated team members that made our night a fruitful session. I cannot wait for the following meeting and also everyone, remember to bring presents for the Christmas themed meetings :)

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