Thursday, June 28, 2012

24th Meeting - LAST MEETING for term 2011/2012

It's been a while since the last update ya? :p Sorry for not updating you guys... :( I thought that since I started writing a summary report for "almost" every meeting, I should also end this term properly by writing this email/report to all of you! So, do bear with this bubbly and animated president for the one last time! :D

Last night's meeting was just AWESOME! Everyone relished every moment of the meeting! We had 40 participants coming to the meeting last night, where it also include members from other clubs like UTC and SWEPA TMC and a few long lost members, ie. Enoch Khoo and my dear dear VPE Nanthakumar! Thank you for coming to the meeting and give us all the support! The meeting started on time, thanks to our cute ASAA, TM Darvis. Our invocator was non other than our very own DG-Elect, DTM Richard. He said: "The fun part of tennis is not watching the game, but to go into the court and play!" Yes Richard, we must participate in the Table Topic and Manual speeches session in order to be a better speaker, and not just sit in the meeting and watch! Thanks for reminding us! 
And who's our Toastmaster of this Evening? He is non-other than our President-Elect..... ACG Mohd Kamal Surin! He started off the evening by getting us to guess the Capital of the Country that he mentioned. And boy, I think our team, Team A really need to brush up on our Geography! :p But overall, we all had fun and that's the most important thing, don't you think so? :) This meeting, we had a few first timers. First timer timer TM Aaron Vun did a commendable in keeping the time! TM Siva Murugesan as well, First Timer AH Counter! And first timer Table Topic Master, TM Amanda Chung conducted the Table Topic Session. Though the session was short, only 5 questions posted, the responses were phenomenal! Now I know if you need to sell something, get Darvis to help you sell it, and.. NEVER go shopping with Raymond Wong because he will "help" you to spend half your money! :D

Before we end the first session, we also conducted the Induction Ceremony and celebrated the June babies' birthdays! 6 new members were inducted, and they were: Aaron Vun, Captain James O'Keefe, Wellin Gaban, Eilvane Chieng, Eddie Lim and Intan Salwana! Welcome to the KKTMC Family! And, we also celebrated the June Babies' birthday, Ginni and Fia by inviting them to cut the specially made "Realize your Dream" Cake! Happy birthday darlings!!
Specially made "Realize Your Dream" Cake
Then, the manual speeches session! Tonight, we had 6 speakers! From TM Hiew Ejinn who told us anything and everything about "Perfection", to TM Captain James who told us his life story as the father of his 2 wonderful boys, to TM Eilvane Chieng who spoke about thankfulness and remind us to always say thank you, arigato, terima kasih and etc, to TM Intan who told us the secret to look young naturally (Yes Intan, I will exercise more, sleep more and stay positive all the time.. I will look like Jennifer Aniston in no time, right? :p), to TM Ahmad Izzat who told us the story of 4 phenomenal person, ie. Adele, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and.... Ahmad Izzat?! (hahaha.. Don't worry Izzat, your life story is still by far the best among the other great icons!), and lastly, to our secretary, CC Fia who gave a toast to...... (I can't believe it....) Yours truly! It was an honor to be the subject of her speech/toast! All the speakers did a marvelous job tonight! Well Done!
TM Hiew Ejinn with his "PERFECT" speech

Proud Father of two wonderful boys, TM Captain James
Thank you Eilvane for the "thankfulness" speech
The naturally young looking Intan sharing her secrets on how to stay young
Izzat was too phenomenal till the photographer's hand was shaking while taking the pic! :D

A beautiful ribbon for Fia for the great toast! :)
After such inspiring speeches, our enthusiastic DTM Christine Yap, aka mama, took up the role as the humour master after so long.... hmm.. maybe, not so long ago... And her jokes, really tickled our funny bones and made us laughed like mad! Great job Mama! Looking forward to seeing you taking up other roles in the near future! Again, our forever humorous DTM Abu Bakar took up the role as General Evaluator and conducted the GE session like a true Toastmaster!
Since this is the last meeting of the term, of course, we will be giving out tons of awards.

Best Table Topic Speaker Award: Sophia H. Shaw, CC
Best Project Speaker Award:
 TM Ahmad Izzat
Best Evaluator Award: Nora Ridzwan, CC ALB and Jasmine Leong, ACS ALB
Best Humour: TM Darvis Chong
Best Enthusiasm Award:
 Christine Yap, DTM 


Fellow Toastmasters & guests, the biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. Thank you for allowing me to live the life of my dreams, being the youngest president in KKTMC History! This adventure has been a WONDERFUL and MEMORABLE one for me! So many events happened this year. A special thanks to OC Jasmine Leong and her team for the successful and significant event held during this term, the KK2012 District Convention! Thank you to all the senior members, my personal adviser aka my DAD, my anchors (you know who you are.. :)), my dream team, and all the members who guided me along the way and allowing me to witness your growth and give me the opportunity to sharpen my leadership and people skill for the past year! I really can't thank you enough!

At the beginning of the meeting, our TME said: Let's end the meeting with a BANG.. and... did we achieve our objective? Yes, we did. It Ended with a HUGE BANG!! With tears (Happy tears.. of course) and laughter and all!! Haha..

Thank you for bringing out the magic, moving, expressing and inspired others and lastly, REALIZED YOUR DREAMS with me this term. It has been my honor serving you as the Madam President for the term 2011/2012.

So, for the one last time, as your Madam President,

Thank you for realizing your dreams with me.. And Happy Toasting ...    :):)

Yours in Toastmasters,
Joanna Liew
President 2011-2012
"Realize Your Dream"

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