Wednesday, July 13, 2011

1st Meeting of the Term 2011-2012 'Realize Your Dream'


I thought I take some time to write about last night's meeting before I procastinate and so here goes. Last night, we had a total of 21 guests aside from 20 over members who joined us for the 1st Club Meeting of the term 2011-2012. What a great start, aye? Despite not feeling well, Competent Communicator Joanna enthusiastically greeted the club with her first welcoming remarks as President of KKTMC. Hooray Joanna! Our Toastmaster of the Evening was none other than our Immediate Past President, Competent Communicator Nora Ridzwan who despite not being TME for almost a year did a great job making sure the meeting ran smoothly and more importantly, keeping the Fun and Positive vibe throughout the meeting.

Nora looking poised as TME
As usual, after role players were introduced, thus began the Table Topic Session. Some call it challenging, others call it gruelling. But it's all in the name of learning to stand on your feet and speak impromptuly which can be pretty useful especially in interviews or when you're networking. You wouldn't want to shy away and just stand by the buffet table and stuff yourself with canapes and punch. You would want to be articulate. So last night, TM Peter Liow threw some pretty daunting table topic questions i.e. Describe your first date, Report about Godzilla coming into town, How would you advice someone how to conquer stage fright etc. I know, the topics can be pretty random. But that's how we roll.

TM Peter shot some pretty challenging Table Topic questions
However, no matter how hard the topic is, DTM Richard always have a good comeback
Moving on, we had 6 speakers who delivered their speech projects. CC Sophia Hong shared a message using cups and coffee as props, TM Nantha who had us fool by telling us his long lost love was not a girl but his 'hair', TM Raymond entertained us the story of how the 12 zodiac animals came about and why cat and rat are sworn enemies, TM Nora Liew inspired us to not take things for granted, TM Kirskman Teo made us questioned ourselves on how we derived our life principles and TM Fia motivated us to choose a dream and hold on to it. Wahh! So entertaining and inspiring right! I enjoyed all the speeches. Well done!

We had 6 speakers on 1st meeting. Talk about enthusiasm!
Karis entertained us with her jokes!

Raymond, relieved after delivering another speech. Keep up!
All in all, the first meeting of the term was a huge success and for that, I believe all role players and members who were present at last night's meeting, you guys deserved a pat on the back.

We had a guest from New Zealand, Hi Nigel!

Guest noted, "Toastmasters is a really good product and I can see the good things it can do." So true. I agree.

So that's it for today's update. Until the next meeting on 26th July 2011. Make sure you be there and introduce your friends to Toastmasters. Cheers!

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