Friday, July 1, 2011

Toast to the end and beginning of a new term

Greetings beautiful people from the Bulletin Editor’s desk!

It feels great to be able to serve yet another term with KKTMC although only for half a term because it’s a bittersweet news that I will be leaving to Germany by end of this year. But, let’s not talk about that and rather focus on the present while I’m here.

As they say every beginning has an end to it. So to begin with term 2011-2012, I would like to recap the last bits of recent events to mark the end of term 2010-2011 and the beginning of 2011-2012. It’s no short from awesome I tell you.

First, Kota Kinabalu Toastmasters Club’s 20th Installation Banquet. Were you there? Did you see it? Held in one of the top notch ballrooms famous for big gala dinners and events, on 26th June 2011, Magellan Sutera Ballroom was transformed into a night of splendor, gold and glitters. It’s almost like a red carpet event for The Grammy’s or Academy’s. But hey, we did have a red carpet rolled out for Toastmasters and guests alike to walk on them the moment they entered the registration hall to the moment they entered the ballroom. Speaking about Toastmasters and Guests, that night, everyone looked fantabulous; men in suits and ladies in evening dresses and gowns. I should post pictures of some of the best looking men and ladies during the night. But I don’t have all the pictures with me yet. So maybe in another post. For now, here are the pictures I got from my camera and also tagged pictures of the event from Facebook. More pictures once I have the pictures from our official photographer for the night.

Guest signing on the registration table

Our new President, the gorgeous Competent Communicator Joanna Liew

Outgoing President Competent Communicator Nora posing with the handsome TM Vijay and TM Sam

Iron Ladies of KKTMC (From Left to Right- Jasmine Leong, ACS, ALB emcee for the night, Joanna Liew, CC incoming or rather KKTMC's current President, Nora Ridzwan, CC Immediate Past President, and Bernie Chan, CC Organizing Chairperson for KKTMC's 20th Installation Banquet)

The New Executive Committee 2011-2012 with Guest of Honour, YB Datuk Yee Moh Chai
Moving on from Installation Banquet, last Tuesday, we had our last meeting of the term 2010-2011. Under the wings of Madam President Competent Communicator Nora Ridzwan, once again, KKTMC soared through to become President Distinguished Club. And as she said it over and over again, this wouldn’t have happened without the dedicated executive committee members as well as the support of KKTMC’s members. The meeting itself led by Toastmaster of the Evening, our new President, Competent Communicator Joanna Liew was a mix of fun filled with rapturous laughter throughout the 2 sessions meeting and ended with a rather inspiring yet emotional closing remarks by CC Nora Ridzwan who gave her thanks and appreciation to all members who have supported her during the term and how much she have changed from the moment she joined Toastmasters 3 years ago, as a shy Pharmacist to her present self, a confident, articulate, much loved dancing Pharmacist, our now Immediate Past President. Not forgetting to mention, Jasmine Leong who delivered her 10th speech and earned her Advance Communicator Silver title like a true Grammy award recipient. (P.S. For her 10th speech, she supposedly won Best Director/Producer for TM Grease Musical and gave her thank you speech). Anyways, pictures from the meeting. All photos credit to TM Jackie Miao. Thanks for the pretty shots!

TME Joanna started the meeting with dance moves from TM Grease Musical

Celebrated TM Babies for month of June, Happy Birthday TM Fia and TM Lisa!

Trying to do the Grease Lightning

Jasmine presenting her Grammy speech for ACB10

Trying to arrange the cupcakes to show 'Move, Express and Inspire' but Kirksman had to ruin it by bit.

Delicious Red and with Lemon Flavoured cupcakes, courtesy of Outgoing President, Nora Ridzwan

Nora giving her emotional closing remarks as Outgoing President

Teary eyed Joanna, touched by Nora's speech

Newly inducted members. If you're wondering why Jackie and Bernie were there, well, they claimed they haven;t got their pins. Better late than never.

Toastmasters and Guests

The usual after meeting supper @ Old Town.

Oh, speaking of TM Grease Musical. I can’t wait to write and share about this. But I was too engrossed with the musical on installation night that I forget to click away even though I purposely went up front nearer to the stage with the intent to take pictures. So be patient, until I get the pictures, I should hold my excitement to share it with you guys.

Last but not least, the appreciation dinner cum executive committee handover which was held last Thursday in Bella Italia. To sum up the night; good food, good company and well, can I say good appreciation and gifts. Everyone who was there that night received a well deserved token of appreciation for contributing either to the term 2010-2011 as executive committee members or as organizing committee for the successful installation banquet. Pat on the back everyone!

Token of appreciation from Immediate Past President to her Executive Committee 2010-2011

Executive Committee Handover

Bernie presented her committee token of appreciation for making KKTMC's 20th Installation Banquet a resounding success

The Casts of TM Grease Musical plus Izat who danced during the Opening. Bravo!
Everyone deserved a pat on the back! You guys are awesome!
So yes, great end marks a promising beginning. With that in mind, let’s continue KKTMC’s tradition of excellence, ever fun and inspiring with the new term ‘Realize Your Dream’.

It’s about time anyways. Wake up people and smell the coffee!

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  1. Melissa, that was compact, interesting, acknowledging and funny all at the same time. You can really write!!! A great start Webmaster! Looking forward to your future posts.