Monday, September 19, 2011

5th Meeting 2011-2012 - RAYA Themed Meeting

Dear Fellow Toastmasters & Guests,

Tuesday’s meeting was unquestionably an ELEGANT one! Thank you to our first timer TME, our ever lovely TM Fia Iskandar and also all the role players! Our club is also blessed to have ELEGANT Toastmasters like TM Ahmad Izzat and ATM-G Kamal Surin a.k.a Danny Tra-botak who spread their love with the kuih raya that they bought! Thank you so much to all the 39 elegant participants yesterday for making our meeting a huge success!

A friend once told me: “The distance is nothing. It’s only the first step that’s difficult”. Yesterday during the table topic session, I saw so many speakers, even some guests taking the first difficult step to overcome their fear of public speaking. I specially want to give a big A-plus to our new member, TM Adeline Thien! Yesterday was the first time she was called to answer a table topic question. Even though she was so nervous and don’t know how to answer the questions, she still stood up and took the first step. Watching that moment, I was so proud of her! Another person that I salute is our guest, Captain James! Thank you for braving yourself to answer the question even BEFORE the question was posted! 
Captain James answering his first Table Topic Question!
Just before the break, we conducted our term’s first Induction Ceremony! Please join me to officially welcome TM Peter Liow, TM Ong Seng Teng, TM Darvis Chong and TM Ahmad Izzat to the KKTMC Family! Thank you for being part of our family & let’s realize lots of dreams together!

Our newest members of KKTMC!
Then, we had our next highlight: The manual speeches. This meeting, we have 5 speakers, ranging from ice breaker speaker to advance speaker. From our newest member, TM Sentence Ong who has summarized his life in a sentence (which is 4-6 minutes long) :p, to TM Karis who told us how numbers represented our characters, to TM Raymond Wong who informed us that too many good things is not exactly good sometimes, to TM Kirksman Teo who told us his view of a simple life, and finally, our only Advance Speaker, ACS Jasmine Leong who told us which DISC are we.. Not the CD that you hear in your car, but which D.I.S.C (personality) are you! Thank you for waking up from your dreams and made them come true!

Fellow Toastmasters & guests, when there’s themed meeting, there’s of course… Presents to encourage those who have dressed up nicely for this auspicious meeting! Not forgetting that we have also given out Best Table Topic Speaker Award & Best Evaluator Award! Everyone says “Yay!!” And our awards recipients are:

Best Dress (Male): TM Ahmad Izzat
Best Dress (Female): TM Fia Iskandar
Best Table Topic Speaker: Christine Yap, DTM
Best Evaluator: Richard A. Gontusan, DTM

Best Dress Male - TM Ahmad Izzat

Best Dress Female - TM Fia Iskandar
Best Table Topic Speaker - Christine Yap, DTM
Best Evaluator - Richard A. Gontusan, DTM
 I hope our Raya Themed Meeting has been a pleasant & enjoyable one! I had certainly enjoyed myself seeing all of you expressing yourself and realizing your dreams! I hope for a better meeting in 2 weeks time. So, till then, take care and I’ll see all of you at our Mooncake Themed Meeting on 27th September 2011.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!
God Bless!

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