Thursday, October 6, 2011

6th KKTMC Mooncake Themed Meeting

 Let's revisit what we have experienced our previous meeting, shall we?

What a fun and warm meeting we had last night! From the tremendously fun table topics questions to world class speeches and evaluations & so much more! Our invocatorTM Johan Lee started the meeting by telling us the importance of SMILE! Thank you Johan for reminding us that Smile is FREE, but it's PRICELESS!Indeed, smile is the only curve that can straighten everything! And our humorous Johan never cease to make us smile! He ended his invocation with his "smile" song and his cute ukelele~ :D
TM Johan Lee with his Ukelele - SMILE 

Then, our captain of the eveningTM Karis Chong took charge of the meeting. I would like to congratulate our first timer TME, TM Karis Chong for doing such a wonderful job! To ensure we were 'mentally' set for the mooncake festival meeting, she even went the extra miles to decorate the meeting room by borrowing lantern, aka. tang lung from colleagues and friends, prepare mooncakes and pomelos and make sure that all programmes start on time! Thank you so much Karis for leading the 25 strong audience into another enjoyable meeting! 
Our TME TM Karis Chong

Another first timer, Table Topic Master, TM Raymond Wong shot a total of 10 Table Topic Questions last night! And we had 11 respondents!!WOHOO!! What an achievement! All speakers spoke for at least 1 minute, and the topics ranged from the theme, Mooncake to debatable questions like lie leads to another lie. Do you agree? (Now I know I can't trust TM Edgar fully because he always alternate his lies with some truth! :p) , imaginary questions like what's the most useless superpower, what's the world like without pencil, and tell a story with 3 keywords included in the story: David Beckham, mooncake, vacuum cleaner. Really some refreshing and mind-bobbling questions! Well Done Raymond! 
TM Raymond Wong gave 10 topics to scratch our head off

We also celebrated birthday with our September babies.
Happy Birthday!! September Babies!!

After the break, we resumed our meeting with another highlight, the manual speeches. We had a total of 4 speakers last night. Everyone says WOW! From our young TM Adeline Thien who has dressed up so nicely (like a grown up now... So proud of her) for her "How to live a healthy lifestyle" speech, to yours truly who has talked about tiny little brave tortoise and the big imaginary monster, to TM Ahmad Izzat who has taught us how to fly a plane (Now we know when pilots have nothing to do in the plane, they will start cleaning their window! *wink), and lastly, our VPE, TM Nantha with his very philosophical topic, CHANGE! Great speeches and thank you for sharing your experience with the 25 audience last night!

What I love about this meeting is that everyone, including the guests was so relaxed and were not afraid to stand up and speak. One of the guests,Imran has braved himself to answer the table topic question and another guest, Sue Wen even made a mini speech during his short sharing at the end of the meeting! 

Other than that, I would like to thank our able and experienced GE, ACS Jasmine for reminding us that Toastmasters Programme has definitely unleash the giant within ourselves. Yes, I am constantly inspired by all the members, especially the new members, like Sabrina, Raymond and Adeline who has grown SO MUCH only months after joining the KKTMC Family! Thank you for realizing MY dream!
The night won't be complete without the following awards, and our Ribbon Award Recipients were:

Best Dress (Male): Mohd Kamal Surin
Best Dress (Female): Christine Yap
Best Speaker: Ahmad Izzat
Best Evaluator: Shahar Banon

Till then, take care and we see you all at our next meeting on the 11th October 2011 (Tue) led by our first timer TME, the little cili padi, TM Nora Liew!

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