Thursday, October 27, 2011

16th Semi Annual Convention Division K District 87

Greetings Fellow Toastmasters and Happy Deepavali to those who celebrate this celebration of light.

I finally have some down time to update you with the recent happenings of the club. First of is the Division K 16th Semi Annual Convention held on the 15 to 16 October in Sandakan Hotel, Sandakan. The two days weekend event gathered Toastmasters from all over Sabah and even Brunei and judging from the faces of the convetion participants at the end of it, I'm sure some had a jolly good time toastmastering.

From division council meetings and workshops by our very own Lieutenant Governer of Education Distinguished Toastmaster Richard Gontusan and the funny man, Stephen Fernando showing us how to give a humorous speech to the Leader's Themed Dinner and the Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation contest the next day, the jam packed convention weekend was fun and inspiring.

More importantly, we were there to support our club members, ATM-G Kamal Surin and CTM Shahar Banon as they competed in the Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation contest respectively. The verdict; let's all give a shout out Hooray! and join me to congratulate, once again, ATM-G Kamal Surin for winning 1st runner up in the Humorous Speech Contest and CTM Shahar Banon for taking home the 1st place trophy for Speech Evaluation contest which means, Shahar will be representing Division K in District level Speech Evaluation next month in Bali. Again, we're very proud of both of our members.

Anyhow, to show you what fun we had, here are pictures. (In no order)

Ophelia (SWEPA), Nora, Joanna and Melissa promoting 2012 Annual Convention which will be hosted by KKTMC

Among those who came to support our members in Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation Contest

Congratulations Shahar and Kamal for making us proud!

Leader's Themed Dinner. Guess who is who!

Excellent act by Toastmasters from Brunei

Stephen Fernando came to give a talk on 'How to be humorous"
Look who's having a swell time dancing on the floor!

One big family of Toastmasters!

So yes, if you are interested to join a convention, the next convention will be in Bali on 11 Nov-13 Nov 2011 and it will be District 87 2nd Annual Convention. It's not too late to register. :)

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