Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Themed Club Meeting

If you were to come to the last meeting, you would have come face to face with your worst nightmare. Imagine Count Dracula, Devil, Witch, Ghost and even Pirate all in one room. Thank goodness for Miss Universe and Little Mouse to lighten up the ghoulish room.

Okay, so it was a Halloween Themed meeting and some of the more sporting members dressed to the theme. Although we had smaller crowd than the usual, but everyone was enthusiastic by volunteering for table topics as opposed to being picked on. Even two of our guests volunteered to answer topics from first timer table topic master, Toastmaster Darvis Chong.

We had four members giving speech on that evening; Toastmaster Fia gave a beautiful speech about God's printing stating the sky, rainbow and cloud as examples, Toastmaster Adeline spoke about L.O.V.E but not your typical 'L is for the way you look at me...' no, but how L.O.V.E. can help you be a better driver, seriously, Toastmaster Sentence spoke about the key to a happy life, I mean, everyone wants to know the key to a happy life. A very profound speeh indeed! Our madam President Competent Communicator Joanna spoke in praise of the man who had significantly change the lives of thousands or even millions, Steve Job, the man who defined Apple.

Of course, our man of the evening, Distinguished Toastmaster Abu Bakar, never exhausted with funny anecdotes did a great job as the Toastmaster of the Evening. The best dressed guy and lady were hands down DTM TC Lim and CC Joanna Liew respectively.

So yes, if you missed this meeting, don't miss the next one as TM Vijay Panickar will lead us to a Deepavali Themed Meeting. Are you excited? I am. Till the next meeting. :)

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  1. Wow, really cool meeting with so many characters! You all did great & I hope I can bring some of our own Penang-bred vibrancy when I visit in December. Here's to your club - keep it up & make your mark!