Tuesday, May 7, 2013

19th Meeting (9th April 2013)

Hey guys!

Here are some photos from our last 19th meeting, I could yak on and on all day long about how awesome the meeting was, but as the saying goes: " A picture paints a thousand words." Sometimes, if you are attentive enough, you can actually hear the photo talking to you. Here's to bringing some precious moments back to life.

 The infamous smile of Fia Iskandar! Hmm.... Looking a little mischievous there, don't you think?

Our Humor Master, Intan Salwana Anis!

 Somebody must have blurted out a joke when the helpers are snapping this group photo! 

 TM Raoul Yong, CC7: "The Conspiracy Theory"

TM Rogers Sinusun, CC1: "All About me", simple & sincere. 

 The Uniform conveys power & authority, our Toastmasters Roger looking really handsome in it too!

 ACS,ALB Ophelia Domingo, ACS4: "The Roast" on her best friend - Ophelia Domingo

Aww... Their friendship melted our hearts... What a beautiful moment captured. 

TM Dean Yee, CC4: "Sucking Kills". 

And of course, how can we forget our little yet dynamic TME who came prepared with a few Do-You-Know fun facts, and led the evening beautifully!

Needless to say, it was an AWESOME meeting! 

Cheers to that! 

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