Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Heart warming email from our Guest- Datuk Koshy

Dear Mr Bakar,

Just a note to say 'thank you' for inviting me as your guest to the Toast Masters meeting .

I have heard so much about this club from friends and this invite of yours gave me the opportunity to witness and experience the going ons of the Toast Masters meeting.

I must admit that I was not disappointed. I experienced the atmosphere of excitement ,exuberance, zest and energising moments for all present. I felt the air of happiness and I witnessed fun filled moment  apparent  in all the happy face present .Unlike the trappings of formalities and mundane decorum of some other club meetings, this interactive session is full of fun and laughter , a breakaway for many after a tiring, boring, routine frustrating perhaps agonising  office work ! 

There was  certainly an air of camaraderie and togetherness devoid of bigotry !I enjoyed watching the fun all were having in the true fellowship with the objectives of the club uppermost in the minds of all present .

Just a point ,  public speaking, oral expression at its finest point, and ability to put across coherently in the matter  of speaking should be expounded in a  natural manner and without dramatic articulation and unnecessary showmanship.

I was very impressed with the young gentleman who spoke his heart out perhaps in quite a  difficult manner and I admire his courageous attempt. He has great potential to develop into a good  speaker in time, the great imprints  and achievement the Club has made since its formation as I   understand, is remarkable and kudos to all the achievers !

Best Wishes ! 
Datuk A Koshy

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