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15th Meeting 2012-2013- Valentine Themed Meeting ( 05 February 2013)

Dear Fellow Toastmasters and Friends,

Hello there and how is everybody? Well, my holiday just started and I got the time to sit down and properly write to you. Woo Hoo!!

For those who were present at our last meeting, I hope this will remind you of what a great time we had, and if you had missed it, here are some of the highlights from our last joint meeting with KK Advanced Toastmasters Club, coming together for a Valentine's Themed meeting! :)

Our invocator Jasmine Leong, ACS, ALS encouraged all the single folks to not just look for Mr or Ms Right, but also work at being someone else's Mr or Ms Right with values that lasts. I'd raise a glass to that!

Oh, and I must commend our TME Vijay Panickar for going the extra mile in decorating our meeting room and it was imbued with the colors of love, little heart shaped balloons and also pink / purple streamers! He was also very creative with his ice breaker where he gave us each a piece of a broken heart and told to look for our better half! 3 pairs were lucky that night and earned themselves some chocolates! :)

Table Topics session was another interesting one! Bravo to our Table Topics Master, KK Advanced President, Margaret Sunam, ACB! She fielded a variety of questions and I thought all the respondents handled it very well (even if they were breaking into cold sweat!) But I personally thought 3 respondents stood out: Fia Iskandar, CC as she embraces her true Malaysian side and told us she's more excited about CNY than to Valentine's; Yee That Hian, DTM who made us all laugh when he said "if you marry a dog, you lead a dog's life" on the subject of his children's ideal life partners; and Jasmine Leong, ACS, ALS who practiced on talking her way out from an awkward moment with her "mother-in-law"!

To make the evening interesting, we had 5 brave speakers:

Ily Iskandar (project CC2 "Superwoman x Infinity), a visiting Toastmaster from Monash University, a sister to our dear VPE, captivated our hearts with her natural speaking style and also her stories of love for her mother, aka Superwoman, who possesses super strength, super energetic and a magic crystal ball in taking care of the family!

Dean Yee (project CC2 "I do what I do"), really cracked our funny bones as he described interesting moments with his job as an environmental consultant. We thought it was going to be all flowers and rainbows but it turned out more like a series of unfortunate events with bamboo paddles, or a flat tyre in the midst of heavy rain! My, oh my!

Siva Murugesan (project CC3 "Yes, I can") captured our attention with his rendition of "fatty bum bum", and shared with us his vision of losing weight! I personally thought he has improved a great deal and this time successfully injected humour and exuded enthusiasm! Thumbs up Siva! Let this be an encouragement to you to take part in speech contests? :)

Intan Salwana (project CC9 "what did I get myself into?"), a mother of two, but powerful in her speech, blew us all away with her story and how she fell in love with Toastmasters, and today persuaded with power to everyone who has yet to be a Toastmaster! Quoting from our District Governor, "Don't wait for the right moment, for if you wait, the right moment will never come. So MAKE THE MOMENT RIGHT!" hear hear!

And of course, Kaori Kawamoto (project CC8 "Be my Valentine"). I've always enjoyed Kaori's speech because she never fails to bring onto the table interesting cultures practiced in Japan! This time, she got all the men excited about Japan because, on Valentine's Day, it's the LADIES that initiates and express her love to the MEN! Hmm... I wonder if that's how she got her husband... But she was quite mysterious about that... :P

Our Humour Master Jackie Miao also did wonderfully in tickling our funny bones!

KK Advanced TM Club President, Margaret Sunam, ACB, was very nice to bought flowers and chocolates for our 3 Bests:

Best Dressed Female: Jasmine Leong, ACS, ALS
Best Dressed Male: Abu Bakar Sheriff, DTM
Best Manual Speaker: Intan Salwana Anis

Congratulations to all the winners!

Oh, and we were also privileged to have visiting Toastmasters all the way from Beijing, Rolf & Monica Chew! Thank you for coming and sharing your Toastmasters Journey with us!! :) And finally, a big thank you to all the KK Advanced members and all role players for making this club meeting a success!

With that, I wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous year of the Snake! and Happy Valentine's Day too!! :)

P/S: There'll be more photos posted on our facebook page and our blog. So please do check us out!

Yours in Toastmasters,

Jamie Chieng
President, KKTMC 2012-2013
016 8034180 /

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