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14th Meeting 2012-2013 (22nd January 2013)

Dear Fellow Toastmasters and friends,

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Chinese New Year!! I hope everyone enjoyed a great Thursday of……no work?  I’m blessed because I’m in Malaysia, a country that celebrates its multicultural backgrounds and honors them with public holidays!

Speaking of multicultural, we just celebrated our exuberant Chinese New Year Themed meeting on Tuesday! Our normal meeting room was decorated with red packets and right in the middle of the room, a huge “Jin Yuan Bao” (Translation: Gold Ingot) that was supposed to bring us prosperity and everything that is good! You’ll see what I mean in the photo embedded here below. Thanks to Celyn Hotel! 

Our meeting started on time as our first timer ASAA Aaron Vun called the meeting to order before handing control over to, also first timer, invocator Melinda Chua, where she reminded us to give thanks and count our blessings, something that we tend to forget in the midst of overwhelming busyness! Thank you Melinda for that thoughtful thought of the evening! 

Our TME Joanna Liew, ACB, CL took the stage with a breeze and in no time getting us warmed up and conducting us to a CNY song with just “Dong, Qiang & Gong Xi Fa Cai”! She first divided us into 3 groups; then as she pointed to each group, we’re supposed to sing out our group name “Dong, Qiang, or Gong Xi Fa Cai”! I think we did very well even though in the absence of music and beats! I would like to specially commend her for she took her responsibility as the TME seriously, and she diligently called up members to fill up roles and made sure they came on time and properly briefed! Thank you Joanna!

Then as our Table Topics Master Abu Bakar Sheriff, DTM took control of his session, he got me excited because he swished and flashed ang paos around and told us that there are hidden goodies in the red packets! Some were doubtful until respondents open up the packets and found money and also their Table Topics questions attached to it! Definitely a great touch to the session! Thank you Bakar! 
Our Table Topics Evaluator Richard Gontusan, DTM had also given us quite a few useful tips on how to handle table topics questions “Express and you’ll impress; try to impress, and you’ll depress”! Wise words indeed!

We also celebrated the birthday for all born in the month of January! As we were preparing the birthday cake, we realized that the cake knife wasn’t given with the box! So our darling SAA Darvis Chong rushed to get one from the hotel and guess what? He came back with a knife longer than the birthday cake itself!

After the break, we prepared ourselves for 2 talented speakers. Intan Salwana (project CC8 “Toy Story”)decided to give us an unconventional method of visual aids. Instead of using the usual power point slides, she brought along a boxful of toys and a photo of her 2 darling boys! Between her props and humorous speech, she gave us some useful tips on choosing toys wisely for children, and a nice message of learning from a child’s pure spirit of fun. 

Her evaluator Yee That Hian, DTM raised some good points for improvement though – even though this is a project on visual aid, props or slides used should be apt so the audiences’ attention is kept on the speaker.

Next, we have Eilvane Chieng (project CC7 “Om Nom Nom”) touches on a subject very dear to all Malaysian. FOOD! More importantly, food or snacks for the weight watchers. Dark chocolate, popcorn, peanut butter… Didn’t know these foods if taken moderately can be healthy and not weight hazardous, right? 

Her evaluator Jasmine Leong, ACS, ALS, pointed out that a research topic should be backed up with credible research to render the speech better.

All in all, both speakers were marvelous and improving at a rocket pace! Well done!

This CNY themed meeting we gave out prizes to the best Chinese costume of the night:
Best Dressed Male: Ronald Tang, DTM (with his gold Wong Sifu shirt)
Best Dressed Female: Jasmine Leong, ACS, ALS  (with her red Cheongsam with embroidered flowers)

Finally, and I must say this every time, Thank you! Thank you to all the role players, members and guests who had chipped in your efforts, laughter and most importantly, your presence!

Till then, I look forward to seeing everyone again at our next meeting 5 February 2012 – Valentine’s Themed Meeting! So do come and join us and dress in a color that reminds you of love! 

Wishing you Gong Xi Fa Cai, and have a Happy, Prosperous Chinese New Year!

Yours in Toastmasters,

Jamie Chieng

When I speak, Listen! Listen! Listen!

Happy Chinese New Year from KKTMC gorgeous looking people!

Intan and the dinosaur

Ready!? Take 1,2,3,4,5..andddd it's a wrap!

Another KKTMC Permanent Resident (PR)

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