Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2011 KKTMC Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation Contest

Our club level Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest was successfully held on Thursday 8th September 2011! 

Please, join me to heartily congratulate our Club Champions!

(From Left: Madame President: Joanna Liew, 2nd Runner up: Jasmine Leong, Champion: Shahar Banon, 1st Runner up: Mohd. Kamal Surin)

Evaluation Speech Contest 2011:

Champion: Shahar Banon 

1st Runner Up: Jasmine Leong

2nd Runner Up: Mohd Kamal Surin

(From Left: Madame President Joanna Liew, 1st Runner up: Nora Liew, Champion: Mohd Kamal Surin, 2nd Runner up: Rafaellia Yong)

Humorous Speech Contest 2011:

Champion: Mohd Kamal Surin (Title: "A Blind Escape")

1st Runner Up: Nora Liew (Title: "Effective Communication")

2nd Runner Up: Rafaellia Yong (Title: "Korean Drama Addict")

"Laughing all the way! All night!"

We had a great contest. The whole night was filled with laughters and chuckles as all of us were truly entertained by all the humorous speech contestants and our insightful evaluation contestants. From our speech champion, Mohd Kamal Surin's blind ('bald') date experience, to Nora Liew's Wet Market 'Ah Sum''s selling technique, to Rafaellia's interpretation of why are we addicted to Korean Drama, to Sophia's women vs beer, to Siva's bad boyfriend's theory and finally, to Kirksman's theory: Why the world is coming to an end! After all these speeches, the audience were literally rolling on the floor because the speeches were too entertaining!

Another highlight of the night is of course the Evaluation Contest. A big thank you to our test speaker, Fia Iskandar with her speech title "pet sisters". You have definitely given the contestants a hard time writing their evaluation because all of them were thinking of their pet sisters/brothers after your speech! As for the Evaluation Contestants, a job well done for being able to gather all your thoughts in just FIVE minutes! WELL DONE to all 7 contestants: Shahar Banon, Jasmine Leong, Mohd Kamal Surin, Kirksman Teo, Nanthakumar Kumaresan, Sivakumar Kumaresan & Sophia Hong, ! You guys have definitely make Fia improved 7 times better!

Last but not least, a big thank you to all the role players for making this contest a huge success! And once again, Congratulations to our champions. 

Our champions (Mohd Kamal Surin - Humorous Speech Champion and Shahar Banon - Evaluation Champion) will be representing our club to compete at a higher level, the Area K1 Contest on 7th October 2011 at Politeknik Auditorium, Sepanggar! Please support our champions. Tickets are at RM18.00 per person only.  

Till then, I hope to see you there.


  1. Excellent write-up. Just a point, the correct name of the contests is "Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests."

  2. Congrats KKTMC, I miss the times when I visited your club each time I was in Sabah visiting the in-laws. The last time I was there, Sylvia was president. Anyway I just wanted to share what was ingrained into me when I was VPE for Bayan Baru TMC (incidentally this term I'm VPE for Farlim TMC) - that contest results should exclude titles even in pictures so there is no comparisons nor any undue embarrassment due to losing to a "junior". Of course, that may not be the case in Sabah where the spirit of 1Malaysia is truly embodied in every aspect of life - which makes me kinda wish I were there again. Sigh! Well, I will fly in Dec so see you all then!

  3. Thanks and Anonymous and Andylimbo for the comments. I have edited the post accordingly.