Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1st Meeting of Term 2010-2011 : Let’s Move, Express and Inspire -13 July 2010

Let's give us a warm welcome to our first meeting for the term 2010-2011! This night indeed an inspiring night with lots of laughters. This night we were moved by our witz TME ACB Jasmine Leong who lead our musical team to be bold and expressive through our latest Toastmaster's songs and truly inspired each other through table topics and speeches.

Our first meeting started with some dance MOVEs with our own and also *world renown (*our KKTMC musical team group photo was posted on our Toastmaster International Magazines, July issue) “WESTSIDE TOASTMASTER TEAM” singing the tune of:

“We like to be in Toastmasters,
OK by me in Toastmasters,
Feedback is free in Toastmasters,
For a small fee in Toastmasters!!’

Our Table Topics Master, DTM Yee That Hian easily came up with 11 Table Topics in variety areas within given 27 minutes while our fellow toastmasters were also creatively express their thought impromptu in very easy manner and lighten up the whole atmosphere.

At the end of this session, our beautiful TME ACB, CL Jasmine Leong concluded for all of our Table Topics in the evening with rhymes as below:

“Now we know that you can fry Paul the Octopus if you don’t like who he predicts are your son-in-law!
PMR, UPSR – is last year the last of it we saw?
Members will be walking the stairs from now, no more carbon footprints you see.
You can choose to be rich in wealth but first, move, express and inspire with Mdm. President!
A Time machine may be nice to amend past regrets,But the only time you have is now, so turn your thoughts, into words and make it happen!
You may think you are unlike your father or mother, but you are more alike than you think!
Legal betting – hmm, it’s still ambiguous; surely it’ll perpetuate more social ills?
But that’s for the Tourism Minister to decide
and last but certainly not least, remember knowledge may be important but imagination, circles the world.”

Our evening won't just stop there. This night we are inspired with four speakers.

1. Mohd. Hanif , CC2 “Enjoy the Simple things in Life “ , evaluator Richard A Gontusan, DTM
Creative writer, Mohd Hanif's speech filled with beautiful words which perpetually inspired us to enjoy simple things in life. He said “The laughter is the greatest medicine”. Is it not our the simplest goal of everyday life? Just want to be happy at every moment of your life.

2. Bernie Chan CC3 “Life is full of Beauty”, evaluator Datuk Adeline Leong, DTM

With the similar humanistic virtue, she emphasized on how life is beautiful with all the simple things surrounding her while she staying in small town Lahad Datu. With her ending beautiful quote, which melts your heart.“Life is full of beauty. Notice it.Notice the bumblebee,the small child, the smiling faces.Smell the rain, feel the wind.Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.” By Ashley Smith

3. Wesley Koh, CC1 “From N-S”, evaluator Joana Liew, CC

Wesley used a magnet as a model of our life virtue where how he transformed Naughty to Smart by attracting positive attitudes and good things only.

4.Melissa Betsy Jilimin, ACB3 “Liar, liar, pants on fire..” evaluator ACS Sylvia Maten

Melissa used her childhood mischievous materials to create a humor speech enlighten everyone in the room. A brilliant material such as Using barbie doll’s hairs in replaced of daddy’s white hair to earn some extra pocket money.

To sums up, TME Jasmine Leong wittily written:

"To enjoy the simple pleasures of life, remember that life is full of beauty.
It helps if you perpetually attract good things and repel the negative!
And although lying may provide you material for a humorous speech, honesty is still the best policy!"

Last but not least, our CC Nora Ridzwan came up to the lecturn as our KKTMC President for term 2010-2011 for the first time, wrapping up with announcements.

Oh...let's give a big welcome to our new member for KKTMC CC Jess Ambrose.

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