Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Carolling (15th December 2012)

Dear fellow Toastmasters and friends,

"Feliz Navidad..... Feliz Navidad! Prospero Ano Felizidad....!"

T'was a jolly good night of caroling, house visiting, laughters and fellowship between old and new friends!! :) I thought KKTMC Carolers did a fantastic job singing, belting the highest note and with that blessing the hosting family with songs of happiness and joy! 

We went to a total of 4 houses, starting off with our mama Christine Yap's house and she prepared for us her famous, lip smacking NASI LEMAK!! Yummm...!! Everyone was enjoying it so much that we just had to get more of that amazingly delicious Nasi Lemak and Sambal!! After that, we moved on to the Liew Family of Toastmasters -- Christopher Liew, Joanna Liew and Nora Liew, where we were served on a healthy Red Bean Soup and fresh oranges, something to wash down our yummy nasi lemak earlier! 

Dean joined us after that and led us to his beautiful home! I think many of our jaws dropped when we saw the size of his family mansion! :) We sang very well there because we earned ourselves a tour around the house as we ooohs and aaahs and waaaah all the way... :) Our final stop was Ronald Tang's residence, using all the voice we had left, we sang with all our hearts and all our might ending with a resounding MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR...

It was indeed an amazing evening as we brought home good memories of a jolly good Caroling session! I saw new friendship established and friendship bonds strengthened, all in the good spirit of Christmas! 

So I wanted to take the time out and once again thank all 4 hosts: Mama Christine Yap & Family , Liew's Family, Dean Yee & Family, Ronald Tang & Family. Thank you for your hospitality and generosity in opening your house to us and also prepared delicious meal for us.  

Also a big shout out to all carolers who had chosen to spend your time with us! For it was with all your splendid voices and your great company that last night was a Fantabulous night! Please give yourselves a pat on the back!! Thank you!! 

More importantly, this event wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for our ORGANIZING LADY - NORA LIEW!! She send out countless emails, approached members individually to invite them to come and now already uploaded most of the photos on Facebook and blogspot! :) Well Done VPPR - Nora Liew!! :) 

Once again, thank you all for making our caroling event such a pleasant and fun one! I hope to see you all at our next meeting NEXT TUESDAY, 18 Dec, same time (7.30pm), same place (Celyn Hotel, Citymall)! I assure you next meeting is going to be a phenomenal one because we're having a JOINT MEETING with KK Advanced TM Club!! Yes, you read me, 2 Toastmasters club will join together as ONE! So braced yourselves for another evening of inspiring speeches, fresh and new ideas, and more importantly, the camaraderie between Toastmasters! 

Till then, see you on Tuesday. 

Merry Christmas,

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