Friday, March 15, 2013

16th Meeting 2012-2013 (26th February 2013)

Dear Fellow Toastmasters and Friends, 

As I'm sitting here, trying to recap our last meeting, I realized that words were just not enough to describe the magnitude of positive charge and vibrancy that we felt at our last meeting! But I'll try my best...

I'm sure many of us have received the heartwarming email from our guest, Paul... I must say that I fully agree with him! For a successful meeting is the result of the combined efforts from all the team players!

So I'd really like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart to all my EXCOs for their marvelous efforts and going the extra mile. I honestly think I'm the luckiest president because of this team! 

Of course, not forgetting two thumbs up to our TME Christine Yap, DTM and all the role players! There were a mix and matched of seasoned and also first timer role players, and senior members, assisting the more junior members with their roles. From where I was sitting, I noticed our District Governer, Richard Gontusan, DTM, a seasoned grammarian himself, didn't hesitate to guide Amanda through her first time as a Grammarian!

We had a variety of speakers that evening, a total of 6 quality speakers ranging from Ice-Breakers to Advanced Speakers.

Janice Tan (CC1 "First Impression), already a natural speaker herself with a good command of English and also a sense of humour! She shared with us a short story about herself, her life and her dream goals. She was evaluated by Aaron Vun, who was also a first timer evaluator, but did a great job in pointing out her strengths and points for improvement! Well done, you guys! :) 

Melinda Chua (CC1 "My Journey Starts Here"), started her speech with a thorough research on the origins of "Ice-Breaking", then led us smoothly into her main points of her speech. I really liked how she was so sincere in her speech when telling us about her reserved personality, and taking her first step out of her "comfort-lab" by joining Toastmasters!

Nanthakumar Kumaresan (ACB1 "The Fisherman and the Goblet") shared with us a beautiful story of how a princess who learned that love was all about the heart and not the appearance. It was a really good effort from our speaker who had spent almost a year away from us in India, and now, continuing his speeches. I salute to his enthusiasm, and really looking forward to better speeches from him! Well done! 

Nora Liew (ACB4 "Heroes of KKTMC) presented an award to not one, but three Toastmasters that she felt deserves of such award. I like her take on this because she awarded this to our SAA Darvis, Treasurer Adeline, and Bulletin Editor Amanda, the silent and unsung heroes of the club! I wonder if she were to really choose 1 person for the award, who might that be?

Nora Ridzwan (ACB8 "Silver Lining") with her quote that really struck me "Everyday you do not do what you're passionate about, a piece of you died". Teary eyes, and all, she gave us a heartfelt, flawless speech about finding the silver lining in life. Dancing was her life, but an accident almost tore her life apart. Strong willed she is, she found her silver lining again. Bravo!

Jasmine Leong (ASG8 "Who's your Gonzo?") gave us an interesting perspective. While we're used to inspiring speeches on how to get back up when we fall, Jasmine's speech was about helping others when they are lost. Through the captivating story of 2 huskies, she reminded us of a selfless moral - To find, and be someone's eyes in life, when they are lost. 

As an incentive to deliver their best, we were also voting for the best speaker and evaluator! The recipients are...... 
Best Speaker: Nora Ridzwan
Best Evaluator: Aaron Subash George

Congratulation and well done you guys! :)

We also welcomed the latest addition to our KKTMC family!! Fauziah Mat Noor, who has been a true supporter all this while and finally taking this step to challenge herself!! Welcome mama Fi!! :) 

Everyone did a commendable job that evening and it has truly been a lovely journey! Thank you to all who came, for your presence was what made last meeting such an AWESOME one!! 

Thank you!

Yours in Toastmasters, 

Jamie Chieng
President, KKTMC 2012-2013

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