Thursday, September 23, 2010

3rd Meeting of the Term 2010/2011: Another fun-filled and inspiring night - 10th August 2010

The night was another night fueled with a lots of warm laughter and positive support. The room filled up close to 30 members and guests prompting Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms TM Andy Wong to order more food from Celyn hotel to ensure members and guests were well fed!

Our invocator of the night was DTM Yee That Hian who shared some wise words from the best selling author book, “Who Moved My Cheese” and some inspiring quotes from Brian Tracy.

Toastmaster of the Evening (TME) was none other than DTM Abu Bakar Sheriff who with his great sense of humor warm up the audience with such ease and had us laughing right from the start. What a great way to start a meeting!

The word of the evening that was chosen by Grammarian and Wordmaster ACB Melissa Betsy Jilimin was "Revelation"

With 14 guests and 16 members, first-timer Table Topics Master TM Sophia Hong was able to shoot 10 table topics for members.

We had three inspiring speakers that night.

1. TM Wesley Koh - CC2 "Pecha Kucha" evaluated by CC Joanna Liew

TM Wesley Koh shared his Pecha Kucha Power Point Presentation method which was introduced by an architect from Japan. This method is based on the concept of 20x20, which is to spend 20 seconds on a 20 slides presentation with minimal text and more on graphics. This method is useful when you're given an alloted time to present your speech using the Powepoint and you want to deliver it effectively and efficiently.

2. TM Bernie Chan - CC4 "First Part Time Job" evaluated by CTM Florence Majanil Liau

TM Bernie Chan shared her first part time job experience in New Zealand when she was 16 years old. She landed her first part time job because she wanted to buy her first pair of basketball shoes. This pair of shoes had motivated Bernie and until today, still reminds her of when  she shed her sweat and tears while doing part time job as a waitress in the Chinese Restaurant.

3. TM Effy Chung - CC5 "My Childhood Incidents" evaluated by CC Sivakumar Kumaresan

TM Effy Chung shared her experience with dogs and other animals. She started with torturing and disecting insects, dog bullier until one days she got into troubles with dogs. Since then, Effy has some phobia with dogs until she started to have a little Chihuahua as her pet. Till then, she started to be a great dog trainer which able to train her dog shakes hand, dancing and other tricks.

TM Andy Wong was our Humor Haster of the evening. He shared his humor speech during his trip with his family to Bario. Andy's sense of humour became our icing of the cake tonight. He even inpressed his daughter also came as a guest and agreed that her dad did a great job on being a Humor Master.

Thanks to our General Evaluator Jasmine Leong, ACB, CL  who was always encouraging and supporting to each and every one of us including the roles players as well as the manual speakers.  

The Obligatory Group Picture.


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