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Toastmasters International District 87 Medan 2013 Semi Annual Convention

Fellow Toastmasters, Family & Friends,

It has been an honour and pleasure to represent Kota Kinabalu Toastmasters Club to the Toastmasters International District 87 Medan 2013 Semi Annual Convention. Coming back from Medan 2013 Convention, having been to a new place, seen new faces, and met new people, I feel refreshed. 

Well done to Organizing Chairman M. Adly Ilyas & Team for a memorable Convention. :)

"What happens in Medan, stays in Medan...", is so not applicable, for Medan 2013 was such a great experience, I feel obliged to share it with you.

The convention started off with a fun Welcome Night. We were all dressed in white and had the Ulos draped on our shoulder.

In the Keynote Session the next day, I was inspired by Dana LaMon, DTM, Toastmasters International Speech Champion 1992. You know, I’ve always had a soft spot for the old, blind, and the helpless. When I ran into Mr Dana on Day 1, he was walking at the lobby, lead by his friend, Madam Arlene. When I saw that, my heart crumpled. Not wanting to cry (cause it’s so not macho to cry) I just looked away. But after listening to his keynote speech on Day 2, he turned my perception around. This blind man has lived life, up to 200% and beyond. Instead of pity, I now admire him. Through his speech, he has inspired me, and from the feedback of the others who attended his session, they were inspired, too. 

Fellow Toastmasters, friends,

This man, read his notes on the podium in braille, interpret the watch on his wrist in braille, and could not even see his audience as we stood up to give him a standing ovation at the end of his session. Let’s live life to our full potential, break those walls and the ceiling that is stopping us, and go for our dreams. The sky, has no limits. He will probably never read this, but thank you Mr Dana for being an inspiration :)

During Gala Dinner, District 87 Governor 2012-2013 Richard A. Gontusan presented Kota Kinabalu Toastmasters Club the President’s Distinguished Award.Well done KKTMC President 2012-2013 Jamie Chieng, Team, & KKTMC Members for keeping the flag flying high. To the Past Presidents & Past Members of KKTMC, you have set the par so high, we can only follow your footsteps and Keep the Flame Forever Burn.

Along with that, we also received the following awards:
Area Governor of the Year 2012-2013: Area K1 Governor Joanna Liew
Division Governor of the Year 2012-2013: Division K Governor Shawn Cassidy Narcis
Toastmaster of the Year 2012-2013: Nora Ridzwan, ACB, ALB

Congratulations to all Awardees, you have set another path to be made example :)

The D87 Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest was as adrenaline-rushing as expected, from the beginning till the announcement of the results! Again, Division K is proud to be the home of our winners:

D87 Humorous Speech Champion: Stuart Lee
D87 Evaluation 2nd Runner Up: Aaron Subash George

What made this convention more precious to me, are the things that money can’t buy..... Things that Ringgit Malaysia, Indonesian Rupiah, even Bruneian Dollar can’t pay for…
The Pre Convention Dinner with Dunstan Chan, DTM & the Toastmasters from Kuching & Sandakan…
The Durian Session Round 1 lead by Liana Kwan, DTM...
The Breakfast Dates with the Toastmasters from Kuching, Jakarta & Tawau...
The Evening Yumcha Sessions with the Toastmasters from Jakarta, Brunei, Medan & USA.....
The Durian Session Round 2 with almost all of the convention delegates (minus the contestants who had to sleep early for the contest the next day :p )...
The Laugh-Out-Loud Moments as we listen to the workshop speaker who made fun of our blood types and personalities…
The Post Convention Dinner with the Bruneians, as we wrap up the memories of the convention with a toast by everyone, round the table...
Fellow Toastmasters, Family & Friends,
The most beautiful memory, that I will always remember, is when Stuart Lee was announced Champion. As his name was announced, the whole hall applauded, and the Division K Family jumped & hugged each other. Shawn came to Ophelia & I who were standing in front of the stage, and cried happy tears. When I see him cry, it hit me that, this is a real family; genuine people who are genuinely true to one another; this is a big brother proud of his younger brother. It took me a few seconds to take it in, before my mind came back to the hall and join the beautiful people in the exhilarating environment, celebrating the victory :)

Concluding the convention, as Ophelia & I was waiting for the lift on our way up to our apartment, we decided that this convention is one of the best we have ever attended... And currently, we are both suffering from major withdrawal symptoms!! Hahaha....

Below are a few photos from Medan2013; credits to Md Ariff Azahari, DTM, Richard A. Gontusan, DTM, Richard Tsen, DTM & Madame Ophelia Domingo :) 

The next District 87 Annual Convention will be in Surabaya. If you missed Medan2013, be sure to catch Surabaya2014!

Venue: Surabaya, Indonesia
Date: 9-11 May 2014
Fees: RM450

Till then, see you when I see you :)

Best regards,

...from the heart

Fia binti Iskandar
President 2013-2014
Kota Kinabalu Toastmasters Club

Tel: +60167763622

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...from the heart

Fia binti Iskandar
President 2013-2014
Kota Kinabalu Toastmasters Club

Tel: +60167763622

Find us on:

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