Wednesday, June 12, 2013

22nd Meeting 2012-2013 (Kaamantan Themed)

Dear Fellow Toastmasters and Guests,

Kotobian Tadao Tagazo Do Kaamatan

Hello there again! How is everyone's Harvest weekend? I know our D.G. Richard's weekend's been filled with colorful events of the Unduk Ngadau! How was yours?

Oh, and it certainly feels good to be back in the midst of all my positive, fun-loving Toastmasters with all your infectious laughters and all... All it takes was for me to be away for 1 meeting, and it seems like I've been away for a year! That's how deep Toastmasters is in my bloodstream. 

And if you were not around at our last meeting, here's something for you to relive the awesome journey with us! :) 

Our meeting was gracefully led by our newly crowned DTM - Jasmine Leong! As soon as she took the stage, she hit us with Kadazan music and even got Richard Gontusan to cry out the warrior's cry as we danced to the tune! Photos are up on Facebook and you can see some dance moves and the beautiful Kadazan costumes. 

Sumandak Sylvia Maten took the stage as the Table Topics Master whereby she challenged our brain juices with her questions laced of Kadazan cultures, opinions and quotes! The questions does seem simple enough, but when put on the spot, it still tests a Toastmaster's impromptu skills! 

Of course, the highlight of the evening were the speeches! 

Emylia Philip (CC2 "Earn Your Body") as she inspired us to sweat it out in the gyms for the trend now is not about being thin, but being fit and healthy, and we've got to earn our body.

Paul Chen (ACB1 - Speech to Inform "To Gold or Not To Gold") shared with us a much needed economy class on gold investments, and backed up his speech with the use of power point slides, even a finance newbie like myself could understand! Well done! :)

Vijay Panickar (CC9 "Appreciate") Persuaded us that in order to appreciate others more, we must first appreciate ourselves, and should always remind ourselves that we're good! :) 

Intan Salwana Anis (CC10 "The Climb") almost moved me to tears as she told us her story of how she found her dream in Toastmasters, how she worked hard through sweat and tears, to achieve her dreams... Surely, I couldn't say this enough but Intan, you're truly an inspiration to us all! 

More importantly, congratulations for achieving Competent Communicator, Intan! :) Thank you very much for contributing to KKTMC's 10th out of 10 DCP! Well done and bravo! 

We just had to award Best Dressed Male and Female for they have taken the effort to dress up in their best Kadazan contumes! 
Best Dressed Female: Christine Yap
Best Dressed Male: Richard Gontusan

Thank you for sharing a piece of the Kadazan culture with us. 

Truth be told, everyone played their roles marvelously, and despite the paucity in numbers, we had another one of those meeting that was filled with Oomph! 

"A life without a dream, is not a life... and in reaching your dreams, you need to work hard..." - Intan Salwana Anis, CC10 "The Climb" 

May this quote encourages you in your life goals. 

Once again, Happy Harvest Festival! 

Yours in Toastmasters,

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