Saturday, July 6, 2013

Welcome to KKTMC New Term 2013-2014: From the Heart

Dearest members of Kota Kinabalu Toastmasters, and honoured guests,

Welcome to the New Term 2013-2014. It is an honour to serve as your President.

Thank you to our Immediate Past President Jamie Chieng for her leadership and guidance throughout the term 2012-2013. Looking forward to working with you again as Area K Governor.

Congratulations to our Immediate Past Area K Governor Joanna Liew. Your new title, Assistant Division K Governor Education & Training, is just wayyy too long... Hehe..

To Immediate Past Division K Governor Shawn Cassidy Narcis and Division K Governor Ophelia Domingo, thank you for your support all these while, and also during our SAA Outing on Sunday. We appreciate your time, especially on a lazy sleep in Sunday...

Immediate Past District Governor Richard A. Gontusan, it has been a splendid year.. Simply the Best. Looking forward to the leadership of our graceful District Governor Datin Grace Chiu. 

Our KKTMC 22nd Installation will be held on the 7th September 2013 (block your dates!). I will leave it to our Mentor cum Organising Chairman Abu Bakar Sheriff to share further details, in the future. 

This year, we aim to have more bonding, fellowship, and team building activities for the members. 

Of course, the club's President Distinguished Status has to be maintained. As of today, several members have come up to me and set their aims to achieve their awards this term. They are:

Competent Communicator Award:
1. Vijay Panickar (Achieved!)
2. Aaron Subash George
3. Jackie Miao
4. Raoul Yong
5. Dean Yee
6. Janice Tan

Advance Communicator Awards:
1. Nora Liew
2. Sophia Hong-Shaw
3. Yours truly 

Competent Leader Awards:
1. Sophia Hong-Shaw (Ready to submit!)
2. Nora Liew 
3. Eilvane Chieng
4. Yours truly
5. Vijay Panickar

You awe me with your spirit, and determination to go further.

Fellow Toastmasters, if you would like to contribute and be part of the club's achievement, I'd be more than happy to add your name on the list. It is not simply about finishing the manual, but it is about learning as we progress.. :)

Our First Meeting of the Term will be held as follows:

Venue: Celyn Hotel, City Mall
Date: 9th July 2013 (Tuesday)
Time: 7.30 pm (sharp!)

All guests are welcomed! See you there!

Looking forward to a happy term with all of you :)

From the Heart...

Fia binti Iskandar
Kota Kinabalu Toastmasters Club

Tel: +60167763622

Find us on:

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