Friday, August 19, 2011

2nd Meeting of the term 2011-2012 and EGM

This is a long overdue post of KKTMC's club meeting which was our 2nd club meeting of the new term 2011-2012.

This is our TME for the 2nd Meeting of the Term - CC Jamie Chieng

We have a total attendance of 32 participants for our 2nd meeting. What's special about this meeting is that, we have a lot of special guests: We have guests from IEC, thanks to Jasmine & Teacher Lusi, a Toastmaster, all the way from California, US, Mdm Winniefred and  a long lost guest, who used to be our member back in 1998DTM Dr Reddey  Thank you for making the  effort to come. Your attendance really meant a lot to us! :)

Simple effort but Powerful Message from TM Fia Iskandar

This meeting started with a very simple yet meaningful invocation, prepared by our first timer InvocatorTM Fia Iskandar: "Listen, Lest Thy Tongue Makes Thee Deaf." Yes, as Toastmasters, we tend to talk too much sometimes. Thank you Fia for reminding us the importance of listening. :) 

The highlight of the meeting is of course the 4 speakers, yours truly included, who dared themselves to stand in front of the audience and presented their speeches. From TM Sabrina who has made her 1st baby step in her toastmaster journey to introduce herself, to yours truly who has told you the story of my 14th birthday & my birthday present - Walkman, to TM Lisa who has told us a language that's known by all people around the world - Music and of course, to ACS Jasminewho has taught us the art & beauty of visualization!

TME Jamie Chieng and ACS Jasmine Leong

TME Jamie Chieng and TM Nursabrina Ismail 
TME Jamie Chieng and TM Dayangku Norkhalisah

TME Jamie Chieng and  CC, Joanna Liew 

Yes, like what Jasmine has mentioned, visualization is a very important tool to success. Before our 2nd meeting, I visualized that this meeting is going to be fun, lively, vibrant, and full of laughter. And, thanks to all the members as well as all the guests, our 2nd meeting was successfully held and was everything like what I've visualized. Thank you for chipping in your ideas, ie. substitute your life partner as your pet - by TC, go for Qi Gong, or join Toastmasters when you're stress and etc.

Our Best Topic Speaker - DTM TC Lim

Toastmasters meeting is indeed a journey of discovery and actualization of dreams and potentials. So many dreams were realized yesterday & I would like to invite everyone of you to come to our 3rd meeting of the term, under the leadership of our kapten aka TME, CC Sophia Hong on 9th August 2011 to realize more dreams!

Our Mandatory group photo!!

Till then, take care & God Bless!

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