Friday, August 26, 2011

3rd Meeting 2011-2012

Dear Fellow Toastmasters & Guests,

PRAGMATIC is definitely not enough to describe our 3rd meeting last night! We had such an amazing meeting yesterday, didn’t we?  It was fun, amusing, entertaining, humorous, informative… All in all, it was just AWESOME!! A big THANK YOU to TME Sophia Hong and all the kindred 44 members and guests who came and chipped in their little flavour. 

Word of the Evening - Pragmatic

Our Enthusiastic TME - CC Sophia Hong
The meeting started off with a very meaningful invocation: “Live a purpose driven life”. Yes, a lot of us always dabble our way through life. We never have a goal/dream. Thank you DTM Yee for reminding us to find a dream/purpose in life and realize them! Then came one of our highlights of the meeting, the Table Topic Session. People always say that Table Topic Session is the scariest session of the whole meeting. But, thanks to our TT Master, we had a relax yet fun session! The whole table topic session just turned into another humour session! From Rugby Coach, Kirksman Teo giving his inspiring speech to the boys (Yes Kirks, we are no Snollygoster, WE ARE SnollyMONSTERS!), to Crocodile Hunter Jackie Miao who introduced us a new species (During the process, her partner, Jim lost his hand.. Oops.. :( ).. Thanks to all the participants, now I know that 1) good monster = snollygoster (As per our guest, Selva), 2) Chicks + duck eggs = kaya? or crudivore? (As per DTM TC Lim), and 3) If you want Siva to stop talking, just tie his hands (As per CTM Sivakumar) :p Well done everyone and also our Table Topic Master, TM Vijay!

Creative TTM - TM Vijay Panickar in action

Rugby Coach Kirksman giving his inspiring "SnollyMONSTER" speech!

Then, the next highlight of our meeting: The manual speeches. From our newest member, TM Ahmad Izzat told us a bit about himself and his hidden talent, his fashion sense. Yes, Izzat, we will be waiting for you to come up with your own fashion line one day! Then, TM Nora Liew told us how to squeeze the juice from our RM1 million jackpot! Last, but not least, TM Sam told us about his Sendai Project and how to get a free T-shirt as a bonus! :) Wonderful speeches & most importantly, all the speakers did not use any notes! GREAT JOB! I’m so proud of all of you!

Awards & Ribbons!

The Lemon Squeezer - TM Ahmad Izzat

TM Nora and her CC3 Ribbon

Thank you Sam for telling us about the Sendai Project
We also gave out some surprise awards at the meeting, ie Best Humour Award and Best Enthusiasm Award! And the winners are: TM Kirksman Teo (Best Enthusiasm Award) and TM Jackie Miao (Best Humour Award).

Best Humour Award Winner - TM Jackie Miao

Best Enthusiasm Award Winner - TM Kirksman Teo
 Yes, just like what TM Izzat has mentioned earlier, when life gives you lemon, why squeeze lemonade when you can make lemon cake? Yup.. Why have a good meeting only when we can have an awesome meeting like this one? So, let’s continue to make our future meetings as awesome as it can be and realize more dreams!

Our Must Have session after Meeting!
 Till then, take care & God Bless!

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